Eldon Wong Design
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Eldon Wong Design is a New York based designer whose background in fine arts, architecture, antiques along with over a decade of experience brings expertise and passion to each project.  Growing up in Western Canada, Wong has traveled the continent and beyond gaining an international perspective for his work.

Over the years, clients have appreciated and benefited from local and international resources all provided with comfort in all phases of the project – from initial client meeting - concept – presentation – implementation – follow through. 


Collaborations on architectural projects has resulted in custom spaces that uniquely integrate the interior design with the architectural envelope.  A sense of space and proportion is handled with simple practical solutions that are aesthetically clean and graceful with interesting sculptural focal points.

Whether the project is a full scale renovation and interior design or a smaller scaled projects, Eldon Wong Design makes it happen.  Projects have been published in international, national, and local shelter magazines.

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